during End Times


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 The Great Apostasy Scenario




I           World War, plague, famine, economic collapse – False Tribulation mistaken for Great Tribulation.

I           Sacrifices on Temple Mount – False Two Witnesses preach.

3˝ Years

I           False-Antichrist (Mashiach) – Mistaken for Antichrist.

I           Seal 6 – Signs mistaken for Return of True-Christ.



I           False-Antichrist killed.

I           False-Christ negotiates peace with Jews to rebuild Temple III

3˝ Years

I           Time of “peace and safety” mistaken for Millennium.

I           Apostasy of those who accept False-Christ as True-Christ. This is accelerated by the demons released during Woe I.



I           Abomination of Desolation – False-Christ revealed as Antichrist.


3˝ Years

I           Great Tribulation with 7 Bowls of Wrath.

I           Come Lord Jesus.




1. False Great Tribulation. War probably triggered by Jews destroying Muslim Dome of the Rock. Temple III = WWIII. (See Red Heifer)

2. Sacrifices do not require a completed Temple and will begin shortly after holy site cleared. Many will preach doom and gloom on the Temple Mount and your local pulpit, with two standing out.

3. A militant religious leader will be identified as the Antichrist (Beast from the Sea), but too soon, as he is a False-Antichrist. Probably the Jewish Mashiach or possibly the Supreme Leader of Iran.

4. Terrible times for years. Destruction and death everywhere. So many martyrs. Many churches meeting in secret. Pre-Trib Rapture preachers losing their congregations.

5. Big earthquakes around the world with a blood moon and falling stars, but difficult to see because of the smoke. The war stops and everyone wonders what is next. Aren't those signs of the return of Christ?

6. The False-Antichrist, mistaken for the Antichrist, is killed. The Muslim version is the Dajjal (Jewish Antichrist) is killed by Jesus, the son of Mary, returned from Heaven.

7. A Peacemaker False-Christ steps forward and is embraced as the Savior. The war stops with the Jews allowed to continue rebuilding Temple III. A welcome peace and safety spreads across the earth. This is starting to look like that promised Millennium.

8. That Peacemaker must be Christ. I will support him as I can't loose my salvation. There is a lot to clean up and rebuild, but we are here to help.

9. Woe I releases the demons from the Pit and they will posses those not sealed by God. It is too late to turn back.

10. Then the Peacemaker False-Christ pulls a stunt at the newly completed Temple III and declares himself God, now revealed as the Beast from the Sea Antichrist.

11. Harder times return with the true Great Tribulation for both the Believers and Apostates, a final sorting.

12. How does the Revelation end without a Millennium? It will be as a day or a watch in the night. We'll worry about that when it actually arrives.